Corsages and Boutonnières

Corsages and Boutonnières

Do you have an upcoming event that requires you to look your absolute best? Corsages and boutonnieres bring a classy and unique look to your formal attire! These floral orders are common formal and semi-formal dance accessories, but they can also be appropriate for weddings.


What's the difference between a corsage and boutonniere?

A corsage is typically worn by the woman on the left side of her dress or wrist. The boutonniere is worn by the man on his left lapel.

What do I need to know in order to order a corsage/boutonniere?

  1. Find out the color of your date's attire (dress or tie)
  2. Obtain the shade of the color (ex. light pink, hot pink, dark pink)
  3. Browse our selection of our custom corsage designs or browse our online portfolio.
  4. Come visit us in the shop, place a call, or contact us on FB/IG messenger to place your order!

Tip: We suggest ordering the corsage and boutonniere at the same time to ensure the two orders match (if that's your preference). Unfortunately, due to the high volume of orders we receive during homecoming and prom season, it becomes difficult to pull individual orders.

Is the guy suppose to purchase both the corsage and boutonniere for a dance?

Traditionally, the corsage is purchased by the guy and the boutonniere is purchased by the girl. The boutonniere and corsage commonly match, but don't stress if they don't. The distinctive flowers can create a unique variation that will create a one of a kind and harmonious look. The key is to color coordinate them. Accessories and upgrades are available to make your orders more unique!

How do I keep the corsages and boutonnieres fresh before the event?

  1. Keep the flowers in the refrigerator until you are ready to wear them. Pick a spot that won't get crushed by other food. Find a place on the shelves near the door and avoid refrigerating them for over 24 hours, because some foods might release gases that cause adverse effects to your beautiful blooms.
  2. Do NOT keep the flowers in the garage overnight or put them in the freezer at any time.
  3. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.
  4. Maintain a constant air conditioning flow around the flowers when they're being transported in the car.

How long do corsages and boutonnieres last?

Corsages and boutonnieres made with fresh flowers typically lasts for about one evening. Care should be taken to prevent excessive contact because this will cause them to bruise easily. Consult with your florist to order stable and hardy flowers that can withstand various temperatures and conditions. These flowers include roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers.

On average, how much do corsages and boutonnieres cost?

Standard rose corsages are $36 and boutonnieres are $18. Prices may vary depending on the base flowers used, number of stems, and the complexity of the design. Adding accessories or upgrades can contribute to higher prices.